It is Worth it or it is Worthy? Meaning with Examples

English language learners often get “worth” and “worthy” confused when making a sentence.

“It is worth it” and “it is worthy” do not mean the same thing, but they have similar meanings as they come from the same word family.

It is Worth it

It is worth it means that you paid an acceptable price to obtain something. This is usually in the form of monetary value, but it could also mean your time, energy, and effort to do something.

It means that you are willing to do something for it. It may take some work, but the outcome is enjoyable or useful.

For example, maybe you want to go on a city tour, and it costs five euros to climb the tower. In the reviews, somebody says that “it is worth it” (the price).

The price to climb the tower is of reasonable value for the price. You should give it a try!

It is Not Worth it

This means that the effort, skill, or money you would have to put in to obtain something is not equal to the outcome.

What you gain is of little value compared to the effort you have to put in.

For example, you could say, “doing the staff officers’ duties for minimum-wage work is not worth it.”

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Other Sentence Examples

Examples of sentences with “it is worth it” or “it is not worth it.”

  • The car was worth the high price tag.
  • All the studying was worth it in the end as Mary passed her exam.
  • The crown is worth one hundred thousand pounds.
  • The video game was not worth fighting over.
  • The problem isn’t worth discussing.
  • The dress is not worth the price.
  • Your dreadful behaviour is not worth my time.
  • How much is that designer handbag worth?
  • The film is worth watching.

It is Worthy

Worthy means that something is acceptable and good enough to earn the honor of something.

It is usually related to something more abstract like respect, honor, attention, love, and praise.

Worthy usually describes a person or something that is deserving of a reward.

For example, you might say that “the kind princess is worthy of a loving husband.”

It is Not Worthy

This means that something is not qualified for or dignified enough. It is not good enough.

For example, we could say, “she is not worthy of the senior position at ABC company.”

Other Sentence Examples

Examples of sentences with “it is worthy” or “it is not worthy.”

  • Mary is worthy of an A grade for her outstanding English essay.
  • The knight was worthy of recognition after the heroic battle.
  • You are not worthy of my love.
  • The child’s work was worthy of praise.
  • The soldier died for a worthy cause.
  • The cheating wife is not worthy of my respect.

Idioms with “Worth.”

For what it’s worth

A statement that acknowledges it may not be considered helpful by the listener.

  • For what it’s worth, while you didn’t like the job, you learned some new skills that should help you in the next one.

In Conclusion

There are certain instances where we use “it is worth it” and “it is worthy” that may not always be so clear-cut.

As you can see from the examples, we usually use worth it when we are talking about using our resources to obtain something. Worthy is something that deserves regard, attention or respect.

Any questions about your own sentence with “it is worth it” or “it is worthy”? Let me know in the comments section below!

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