Write For Us

We are getting a lot of mail about guest posts, and I have had to establish some rules around guest posts so we can be ultimately clear about what is offered on the site.

Who Am I?

TPR Teaching was first set up for teachers. This is a place where teachers could learn tips, tricks, and teaching methods and build their presence online by learning how to provide online tutoring lessons.

TPR Teaching later expanded into learning the English language and more advanced aspects of the English language. Therefore, this site has become helpful to a range of people who have to engage in English communication in all its forms; listening, writing, and speaking.

Therefore, we have a broad audience, but most of our audience comes from the U.S. We currently have between 50,000-60,000 sessions per month on the site.

Who Can Write for TPR Teaching?

TPR Teaching can accept guest posts and sponsored posts if certain conditions are met.

Guest Posts

If you are submitting a guest post, I do not accept payment. For your guest post to be accepted it must:

  • Be a comprehensive, SEO-optimized article
  • Have the potential to rank high on Google for the selected keyword
  • It should read well with a high Grammarly score
  • Have relevant links
  • Written exclusively for TPR Teaching
  • You also must be an established expert in your niche to write a guest post.

You must provide value to the readers at TPR Teaching, not just links.

Sponsored Posts (Paid Posts)

  • If your post would lead readers to the payment of goods and services, this would be considered a sponsored post.
  • This must be high-quality, similar to guest posts
  • Sponsored posts start at $150 per post

Backlink Policy

  • As a part-time blogger, I don’t have the time to respond to offers that don’t meet my expectations.
  • Tell me the name of the website in your pitch that you wish to link to.
  • Visit the about page and make sure your post is a good fit for the blog.
  • The post you write should be relevant to your website.
  • Optional but helpful: offer something in return, such as a guest post opportunity, an opportunity to link from your site, or promote the post to your audience.
  • If you want to write for TPR Teaching, email me at hello@tprteaching.com with the subject line Write For Us.